Because “what happens in Vegas” never really stays there

How to plan a bachelor(ette) party that leaves no trace

Jace woke up on the Monday morning after his bachelor party weekend with very little memory of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. His tongue felt like it was wrapped in a used beach towel, and the throbbing in his head made sitting upright—or even being exposed to daylight–excruciating. Just when he thought he couldn’t possibly feel any worse, his fiancée Lauren called him, screaming.

The next thing he knew, his wedding had been “postponed.”

Bachelor(ette) parties by nature are all about getting in some final bad behavior before The Big Day. Some cross the line though, and the proof can lead to having the wedding called off entirely. Just take a look at a few examples submitted by Reddit users:

  • The Sting: The bachelorette’s “friends” talked her into one last fling on party night—then Snapchatted the evidence to her fiancé
  • The Technology Fail: One bachelor exchanged numbers with a girl he met during his bachelorette party—not realizing that his fiancée was home seeing all the texts on their iPad
  • The Accidental Porn Star: A tipsy bride-to-be got talked into having a lap dance that took an explicit turn—and her friends captured the whole thing on video

The ugly side of sharing without security

Sharing images, texts, and video of your party antics might seem like fun—until those racy snaps end up in the wrong hands. Most messaging platforms just don’t provide the security or encryption you need when sharing the evidence of your posse’s dirty deeds. And with an overabundance of alcohol in the mix, once the crazy stuff starts getting shared (and screenshotted!), you’ve lost all control.

PRO TIP: Don’t depend on Snapchat to save you―despite what the company says, it never completely deletes anything that goes through its servers

CHECKLIST: Top 6 tips for a “no regrets” bachelor(ette) party

  • Lay down the law: Talk to your friends and set some ground rules before the party—when everyone’s still sober. No drunk texting allowed!
  • Prevent actual booty calls: Make sure everyone’s lock-screens are password protected to avoid accidental butt-dialing
  • Lock it down: Consider asking friends to all place their devices together into a hotel safe until the morning after
  • Elect a gatekeeper: Find a trusted friend to volunteer as “designated sober partier” who can help keep the evening (or the weekend) on the right track
  • Keep it contained: Create an airtight group chat with your party before you hit the town
  • Get a CYA app: If you’ve just gotta share, get everyone on board with a secure, encrypted messaging service that completely destroys messages after they’re sent

Don’t let pre-wedding parties kill your big day—or your relationship

Worried that your bachelor(ette) bash could turn into a hot mess and get you into trouble? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Using the next generation of secure messaging technology, the Dust private messenger gives you the safest way to send messages:

  • Chat and share with friends, knowing that all the evidence will disappear completely in 24 hours—or even sooner if you want
  • Delete messages and photos from devices you’ve sent to
  • Prevent unidentifiable photos (whose bra is that?!) from being associated with your screennames
  • Protect against screenshotting of images and texts

And Dust eliminates all trace of your messages after 24 hours, so you can keep it classy!